Why Transition Now

If you’ve been searching for flexibility and freedom to offer your clients a more personalized experience and are ready to build a practice that is truly your own, now is the time to consider going independent.

Listed below are the top considerations other advisors have used to help make their decision:

  • Cultural Fit
  • Transition
  • Payouts
  • Compliance
  • Fees

Are you looking for an organization that is focused on helping you provide the latest technology, services, and programs to your clients? Or do you need an organization that provides the highest payout and allows you to use the extra dollars to run your business and invest in your own infrastructure?  Finding the right company that supports you the way you envision is your first big decision.

Transition is the biggest concern for most advisors. Look for a firm that will create a seamless transition that will fit the needs of your business.

Payouts should be fair for the level of services you receive.  The lower the payout, the higher level of services you should receive.

A strong foundation and culture of compliance are critical to the ongoing health and success of your business. Look for an organization that has a firm reputation and focuses on compliance while allowing you the latitude to serve your clients.

Independence allows you to structure your fees appropriate to the level of service you provide your clients. Advisors are creating new fee structures to best fit their clients' needs, including flat fees in addition to percentage of assets.