Tis the Season to Get Social

Tis the Season to Get Social

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Published November 30, 2016

As the holiday time approaches, there’s good reason to be social. But not just social in the physical form by way of Christmas parties and New Year’s Celebrations, but also through the social networking channels with your core constituents: your clients, your prospects, your staff, and your centers of influence.

As independent advisors, we typically use the end of the year as an opportunity to thank our clients and send a holiday card. Most advisors do not do much more than that, but all have lofty goals of growth for the new year.

Why not take it a step further this year and make connections that matter – that can spark your growth in the new year. Here are a few simple ideas on how you can achieve this:

Host a Holiday Event

This doesn’t mean you need to host a holiday or cocktail party. I’ve seen advisors gain tremendous feedback from their constituents when they host a charity event. Invite people to come wrap presents for impoverished children, or pack holiday boxes for soldiers or even collect toys for Toys for Tots. There are so many worthy ways to bring people together in meaningful ways.

Get Connected

Take the time in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years to connect with your clients and their children on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Put together a plan to invite them to connect and then make sure you start sharing content with them regularly. Use the social networks as a platform for communicating your value to your constituents. Share your newsletter, share content you find interesting, go to the content library of your broker-dealer or custodian and share pre-approved articles (they all have this available).

Establish Your Web Presence

You probably have a website but when was the last time you updated it? If you can’t recall, then it’s time you created a strategy. Create a blog – it doesn’t need to be long. Or you can subscribe to content marketing solutions like FMG Suite, Vestorly or Forefield Advisor. Each time you add something new to your website, it improves your web presence. And don’t forget to add your social networking sites to your website as well.

By taking these three basic activities and turning them into action, you are certain to increase your sphere of influence across all channels. I know an advisor who was able to drive 5 new clients worth almost 50 million in assets between Thanksgiving and New Years by just completing #1 and #2 above.

So, take this holiday time to really get social! Cheers!!!