Blogs for Financial Advisors: The Top of 2018

Blogs for Financial Advisors: The Top of 2018

Best Blogs for Financial Advisors

Published February 27, 2019

Part of being a successful financial advisor is continuing to devote yourself to improvement. You want to achieve better results for your clients, help your employees achieve their career aspirations, and in general help your financial firm become all that it can. There are so many avenues to focus on including marketing, personal development, strategy and even formal continuing education, that it can be difficult to know how to spend your limited time.

The purpose of the PAG blog is to provide you with helpful information on both industry-related topics and the more granular details impacting your practice. In 2018, we covered a myriad of issues and subjects from market updates to thoughts on differentiating and growing your practice. We hope the guidance we offer here has been helpful to you. These are our most-viewed blogs of 2018.

Perspectives on a Post Broker Protocol World as Wirehouses Bail

The recruiting world is always unpredictable. What advisor wants to join a firm that they can never leave? Charlie Latimer examines this shift in early 2018 from protocol to non-protocol, and the increasingly bold moves of advisors who choose to transition their practices in light of the exit of Morgan and UBS. “Furthermore, advisors need to understand that a non-protocol transition is worth the risk in the long run. So long as they follow their employment and non-solicitation agreements to the letter, there will be no legal action taken against them.” Take a look.

An Introduction to Bitcoin for Financial Advisors

Still hearing a lot about alternative currencies in the news? Are your clients asking questions? Be sure to check out this blog entry from Guy Adami and Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, an investment firm focused on digital currencies. “The simplest explanation for Bitcoin is to think of it as software that automates much of what banks do. Financial transactions, like moving money around the world, can be done via this software system without involving a bank.” If you need a refresher or an overview of Bitcoin basics, don’t miss this.

The Advisors Guide to Growth: Start with a Business Plan

Crafting a business plan for strategic reasons can sound like a daunting task; but if you are serious about growing your firm, a business plan is essential. While many advisors know they need a plan, few take the time to develop one or carry out the execution. Business plans are powerful because they foster accountability. A simple business plan doesn’t have to be lengthy as long as it addresses specific goals. Abby Salameh lays out the basics of a business plan, and even offers several tools that can help advisors get a plan in place.

PAG 2018 Elite Retreat: Support, Advice, and Networking for Top Advisors

Each year we join 70 top PAG advisors for our annual Elite Retreat. It’s a time for advisors to sit back and relax, while also benefitting from valuable tools, resources, and support designed to foster growth and success in their individual firms. This year’s retreat held in Boca Raton, Florida left no one disappointed! It’s so much more than a conference or seminar. Sessions this year were focused on practical application including creating efficient workflows, crafting messages for professional referrals, and how to address client objections. Here are more details from this year’s retreat.

What Makes a Five Star Internship Experience

Have you ever leveraged interns for your advisory practice? If you haven’t, you could be missing out. We’ve covered the benefits of using interns in your advisory practice on our blog before (and they are many!), but this piece took it to the next level and offered insight from our summer interns firsthand. Perhaps you’ll get a better idea of how the intern process and relationship works and how beneficial it can be for both parties involved.

Is there a blog topic we haven’t covered that you’d like to see? Let us know what information is most helpful to you.