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There are as many technology solutions for independent advisors as there are financial advisors. It can be overwhelming and confusing to try to determine which is the best solution for your practice. Private Advisor Group has done the due diligence on all of the technology available to you and selected the best-in-breed. From our experience in working with over 600 advisors nationwide, we feel confident this curated package of technology will enable your firm to thrive.


Increase your firm’s efficiency, offer a higher level of service to your clients and increase revenues while fully systematizing your practice through these commonly used workflows. They are fully integrated with Redtail CRM and can be completely customizable for your practice.


EMX+ is one of the top financial planning software companies in the industry. Integrating with all of the custodial systems available through PAG, eMoney will manage client situations and financial planning needs in real-time.


Successfully designing CRM solutions in the cloud and specifically for financial advisors since 2003, RedTail is the preeminent solution for independent advisory practices with integrations into all of the other software solutions selected for PAG. Easy to use and ready with built-in workflows, this software will enable your office to work smarter.


Leveraging proprietary algorithms to accurately assess risk levels of portfolios and demonstrating changes required to align with your clients’ risk tolerance is just one way that Riskalyze assists in your responsibility as an advisor. Easy to use and client-friendly, this award-winning technology will keep your clients’ assets where they meant to be from a risk perspective.


Orion Advisor Services is the premier portfolio accounting service provider for independent advisors. Orion provides the integrated and fully customizable solutions that advisors need to help them grow their business over the long term. Allowing advisors to view data at multiple custodians and report on those assets is paramount when working with high net worth clients.