Disclosure Information

Form CRS – Customer Relationship Summary – This form is mandated by the SEC to explain the relationship between PAG and our customers.

Part 2A Brochure – This brochure provides information about the qualifications and business practices of PAG.

Part 2A Brochure for SWM II – This form disclosed how PAG works with customers who choose wrap fee accounts. A wrap fee account is one where a single fee wraps the investment management fee and costs of trading into a single fee.

Summary of Material Changes Letter – This is the most recent letter where we informed our customers whether there were any material changes to our Part 2A Brochure in the past year.

Privacy Notice – This form explains that PAG does not share your private information unless you authorize us to do so.

Additional information about Private Advisor Group, LLC, and its advisors are also available on the SEC’s website at adviserinfo.sec.gov.

If you have any questions about this summary or about these documents, please contact us at (973) 538-7010 or RIAcompliance@PrivateAdvisorGroup.com.