Being part of a community of like-minded advisors has its rewards. In addition to giving you the strength and stability of the largest independent broker-dealer in the industry, LPL Financial*, Private Advisor Group makes it personal. Our seasoned staff knows your business intimately and is there to assist you with your needs. We are here to help you navigate through the channels and find the solutions you need.

Some critical activities that enhance our financial advisor community include conferences, our advisory board, facilitated study group meetings and our quarterly calls.

Our conferences are designed with the audience in mind. Whether they are large annual meetings with hundreds of people or smaller, more intimate group meetings in local regions, the PAG conferences bring together our advisors and strategic partners face to face – allowing everyone to put a face to a name they have heard over the phone or through email.

Our advisory board is made up of six diverse independent advisor clients of PAG. Each of them brings their own experience, unique firm and differing backgrounds to the table to provide us with the feedback we need to ensure we are continuing to deliver the support our financial advisors need. We rotate the members of this advisory board every two years in order to keep the ideas fresh. These members are the eyes and ears of our advisors and advocate on their behalf.

Everyone knows the importance of learning from others who do what you do. Our study groups exemplify this peer to peer sharing. PAG has eight different study groups that meet both in person and on the phone to discuss challenges and successes that are common amongst their firms. This commitment to sharing has developed deep bonds and lifelong friendships in our community of advisors.

PAG likes to continue the dialogue with our member firms. In an effort to reach advisors during the “break times” from meetings, we host quarterly calls. Whether they are on compliance topics or market updates, we are serious about our commitment to continue the conversation and make it personal.

Hear what Frank Euvino and Joseph Barbara have to say about being part of a community like Private Advisor Group.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2015, based on total revenue.