PAG Independent Financial Advisor Conferences

To enhance community engagement, Private Advisor Group hosts two conferences annually. One is designed for all of our advisors to come together and is typically held in the Spring. The second conference is geared towards the highest producing advisors and is limited to 70 attendees. This Elite Retreat is typically held in the Fall. Regardless of which conference a PAG advisor attends, there are some great benefits of networking with fellow advisors. Some of them include:

  1. Sharing the latest solutions for financial advisors. This allows attendees to stay up-to-date with the latest investment products, technology solutions and processes they may want to adopt for their firms. It also gives advisors a chance to be stimulated by these new solutions and engage in conversation about how to leverage them in their firms by the vendors who create them. The 25+ Strategic Partners are on site with exhibit tables ready to share their latest developments designed specifically for independent financial advisors.
  2. Socializing with other advisors. The networking that occurs between new advisors, and those who have been with us for years, provides the groundwork for some lifelong friendships. Attendees have the opportunity to mingle with like minded advisors who understand their business and their concerns. The advisors in attendance build a sense of camaraderie that stays with them long after the conference adjourns.
  3. To talk out ideas. Advisors can see the practices of other advisors and the types of solutions they’re exploring or adopting. This allows attendees to gain new perspectives on either running their practice or managing their assets. In addition, the pre-conference Study Group meetings allow advisors with similar business models to bring interesting thoughts into open dialog. These candid conversations provide attendees with suggestions that hopefully prevent them from making mistakes or assist them in moving forward.
  4. Education to improve your independent financial advisory practice. You can’t be a top-notch advisor unless you are continuously evolving and learning. Keeping up with the latest developments, getting to know others in your field, enhancing your practice, are all foundations for the success of your future business. Attendees have the choice of over 20 sessions to attend, some with continuing education credits, to help them elevate the practice of financial planning to the next level.