Peer-to-peer learning is at the heart of what we help facilitate at Private Advisor Group. We have put together seven study groups to allow our advisors who have similar businesses to bounce ideas off of one another, garner best practices and create their own “clubs” that they can rely upon for both support and inspiration.


INVESTMENT FOCUSED ADVISORSThis group is for advisors who manage their own portfolios and do their own research.
INVESTMENT INTERESTED ADVISORSThis group of advisors is interested in investments, but currently use model portfolios and do not do conduct research or have an investment professional on staff.
NEW ADVISORSSpecifically designed for advisors who have been with either LPL or PAG for less than 2 years.
RETIREMENT PLAN ADVISORSGeared towards an advisor with a substantial amount of Retirement Plan business.
TECHNOLOGY ADVISORSAdvisors who are interested in discussing how new technology can assist with efficiencies in the office.
GROWTH ORIENTED ADVISORSPoised for growth, this group is for those eager to grow their practice organically and want to share ideas and best practices with other advisors who may have similar goals: marketing and growth discussion.
ENTERPRISE ADVISORSBuilding an enterprise, these advisors are looking to add more advisors to their practice either through recruiting or acquisition. You must have at least 4 other advisors in your office to participate.