Going Independent with PAG

Now, more than ever, financial advisors are choosing to move from the wirehouse firms to independent models. Many desire a wider selection of products and services to offer clients, as well as total control of their business.

Why should financial advisors consider going independent?

Whatever your reason, here are some benefits you should consider when thinking about parting ways with your current financial firm:


Own your own business, be your own boss, and create your own legacy to either pass down to the next generation through a transfer of ownership or eventually sell when you’re ready to retire.


You’ll have a wider selection of products and services available to offer your clients.


No longer are you tied to proprietary products, mismatched incentives or quotas. Going independent means having the freedom to choose how you want to invest for your clients based on their needs.

Business structure flexibility.

Run your business the way you want to. Do the investments yourself or outsource, choose your technology, and enjoy a flexible schedule. Being independent means you’re in charge, so you make the decisions.

Go Independent with Private Advisor Group

Going independent with Private Advisor group means you can set up your business in a way that makes sense for you and your clients. At PAG, you can be a fee-only advisor conducting only advisory business or you can be a hybrid advisor (where you do a combination of advisory and brokerage business), all from the same platform. This allows you to see all of your clients’ assets and properly plan for their financial future without the hassle of leveraging two different platforms to conduct your business.

Going independent with PAG also means that you will receive the services of a robust and dedicated transition team. This team, coupled with our FastTrack solution, has proven success in moving millions of dollars in 45 days or less – meaning you will be back in business quickly!

Some additional benefits of going independent with PAG include:

  • The PAG Advisor Protection Program—rating high on the scale for advisors who lack a succession plan, this program is designed to protect you, your beneficiaries and your clients in the event of death.
  • Professional Compliance Team — our team of 12 full-time compliance associates enables you to focus on your business leaving the risk management to us.
  • Largest independent broker-dealer — the scale of being the largest group within the largest independent broker-dealer, LPL Financial, provides advisors with a state of the art technology platform, an extensive selection of investment products, an acclaimed research department, practice management solutions, and more.

Dispelling Myths and Fears of Going Independent. New Research.

Scared to go Independent? You should not be. Our new research supports the fact that the fear of going independent is not validated.
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