Seamless Financial Advisor Transition Process

Leaving your existing broker-dealer is never an easy decision. We understand the complexities and the fears you might have when presented with the opportunity to move. That’s why Private Advisor Group has invested heavily in ensuring we help educate you as an advisor and master the transition of advisors from one broker-dealer to PAG.

We will typically start the conversation and the planning three months in advance of your targeted transition date. During this time, the PAG gets to know you and your personal and practical styles. We want to understand what your goals are in your new environment. For example, do you want to work alone? Join another practice? Bring in a partner financial advisor? Share office space?

90% in 40 Days!
That is our average transition, and we often exceed it.

We also get to understand your book of business. We look closely at the assets the you have and how they would map over. We show you exactly what the business will look like in the PAG world. We then create a customized plan that ensures the transition will be executed efficiently and accurately.

The PAG Broker Dealer Transition Team

Private Advisor Group has built a Transition Team that is like no other. We have transitioned many successful financial advisors in a quick, efficient manner, allowing them to focus on communicating with their clients and grow their businesses. Our dedicated, passionate team is comprised of full-time, experienced individuals who are with you every single step of the way – from the first asset to the last security.

With our proprietary FastTrack software, we are able to access data in real time from transitioning advisors and ensure their clients’ paperwork and assets are moving quickly and seamlessly. We have the flexibility to tap into the depth and experience of administrative staff all over the country by leveraging FastTrack, which means we are not beholden to limitations on the number of accounts we can open and the volume of accounts we can move.

Simply put, our financial advisor transition experience will exceed your expectations.

Our Transition Team handles:

  • Preparing and mailing client applications
  • Opening new accounts
  • Processing and tracking ACATs
  • Tracking changes in broker-dealer direct business
  • Networking direct business
  • Monitoring and completing home office notifications
  • Communicating daily with your office
  • Troubleshooting issues as they arise

“PAG helps with your transition at every step. After we made the move to PAG we never looked back. Our growth has been tremendous…”

~ Brett Cloak, Level Financial Partners