Build your Financial Advisor Firm with PAG

When you’re ready to take the next step and grow your independent financial advisor firm, PAG has all the tools you need.

Independent financial advisors often struggle with growing their practice. Marketing is not a natural talent, and they are busy running their business. We recognize that just like each advisor is different, their growth strategy might be equally as different. Some advisors are content being a solo practitioner while others desire to build an ensemble practice, while others yet are looking to add more advisors to their practice to build a very large organization.

Whether they desire to grow their financial advisor firm organically through adding assets from existing clients, or inorganically, by recruiting new advisors to their practice or buying another advisor’s firm, Private Advisor Group can help steer the way.

Financial Advisor Marketing Resources and Tools

By leveraging the deep resources available to our advisors through LPL Financial, advisors have access to a host of tools like whitepapers, guidebooks, webcasts, in person events and turn-key marketing programs through a state of the art on-demand solution. These tools can educate advisors on the ways with which they can grow and provide the materials needed to execute a plan.

In addition to the resources available to our advisors through the broker-dealer, the relationships we have with our Strategic Partners has proven to be successful in this effort as well. Many of the asset management firms we work closely with have strategic coaches and programs readily available to advisors that can assist them with their growth initiatives.

In response to demand by our existing advisors for help in this area, Private Advisor Group has developed its own turn-key acquisition program designed specifically for advisors seeking to purchase another practice. A combination of ready-made postcards, emails, and website pages have been designed allowing our financial advisors to target market to local advisors. Private Advisor Group will even handle the list creation and execution of the mailings.

Hear about the PAG turn-key acquisition program