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Institute for the Fiduciary Standard Launches Campaign for Investors


Philadelphia, PA, May 24, 2016 – The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard today launched its Campaign for Investors, a groundbreaking initiative to help investors find financial advisors who best meet their needs and serve their interests first.

Introduced at a ceremony at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, the Campaign event was kicked off with remarks by Vanguard Founder, John C. Bogle.

The Campaign underscores the rewards to investors of excellent advice and what investors should expect from advisors. On the Campaign website several investors speak about their experiences with their advisor. Chris, one such investor, says of her advisor, “He seemed to have my interest at heart rather than his own. I feel a lot more confident about my financial situation.”

Investor Bill of Rights and Campaign Website

The Campaign unveiled an Investor Bill of Rights. “The Investor Bill of Rights says in plain language what advisors should do — and what many advisors already do today – to put clients’ first and help clients plan for retirement, said Knut A. Rostad, president and founder of the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard. “The Bill is based on the standard in the Institute’s Best Practices for Financial Advisors and should be considered a start for evaluating advisors.”

“The value of a strong advisory relationship can be huge.” Rostad continued, “Most of us have experienced really good advice at some time in our lives. We know how crucial it can be. The principles in the Investors’ Bill of Rights are ingredients that underpin a healthy and successful advisor-client relationship.”

The Campaign reaches investors through The website’s guidance will help investors assess their own advisor. How well he or she performs basic, yet important, tasks to put clients’ interests first. Or, in fact, whether an investor needs an advisor at all. Also, this guidance helps investors calculate and evaluate their investing costs.

Putting Investors’ Best Interests First

Advice has emerged as a central issue in finance this year, with the release in April of the Department of Labor Conflict of Interest Rule requiring advisors to act in investors’ best interest. The new rule will not go into effect until January 1, 2018, and its meaning and impact may only unfold over several years.

Rostad stated, “Advisors should demonstrate to investors their commitment to strong fiduciary duties by embracing the Investor Bill of Rights and meeting the Best Practices for Financial Advisors this year, in 2016.“

According to Luis Aguilar, former SEC Commissioner, who received the first John C. Bogle Investor Champion Award at the Campaign launch event: “I know many fine broker-dealers. Yet, if investors were more aware of the regulatory differences between the fiduciary standard applicable to registered investment advisers and the product recommendations allowed by the suitability standard, they would flee broker-dealers that are providing personalized advice without a fiduciary obligation that puts investors first. This is no reflection on individual broker-dealers; this is a reflection on the regulatory system.”

Aguilar continued: “Investors should always receive advice that is in their best interest. The Campaign for Investors will close this awareness gap and educate investors on what to expect from really good fiduciary advisors. I wholeheartedly support the Campaign for Investors and urge other leaders in the industry to do so as well.”

TD Ameritrade and Personal Capital
Campaign Sponsors

The Campaign for Investors is proud that TD Ameritrade and Personal Capital are main sponsors.

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About The Campaign for Investors

The Campaign for Investors is a groundbreaking national initiative to educate and empower investors and financial advisors on working together to serve investors’ best interests. Overseen by the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard, the Campaign will provide tools and resources to educate investors on their rights when working with an advisor, as well as provide advisors with the guidance they need to best meet their clients’ interests and remain essential in an increasingly competitive industry. For more information, visit

About the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard

The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard was formed as a non-profit organization in 2011 to provide research, education and advocacy on the vital role of the fiduciary standard for investors and the capital markets. For more information, visit

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