Independence comes in many shapes and sizes.

Private Advisor Group can support them all.

There are many ways to be an independent advisory practice. Most advisors chose to be independent so they can decide how they want to run their business. Some advisors want to control all the levers while other advisors want the full backing of a home office doing the heavy lifting. Regardless of how much or how little support you desire, we can craft a service offering that meets your unique needs.

Explore the various ways Private Advisor Group can support your unique independent advisory practice.

In this support model, PAG can deliver exceptional supervision support for your practice. Leveraging our tenured and professional staff, you control how you want to run the rest of your practice while feeling confident your risk is being managed by our specialists.


PAG as OSJ. In this scenario, we will act as the office of supervisory jurisdiction for your business. You run your advisory and brokerage business through the LPL corporate RIA, but gain the confidence of knowing the professionals supervising your firm know your unique business needs.

Continuing with the progression of independent advisory practice support, this service offering is geared towards advisors who want to enjoy the freedom of selecting their own software solutions for their practice — and investment solutions for their clients — but recognize there is power in scale and numbers. These advisors enjoy programs and events that help them share ideas and best practices with one another while remaining highly autonomous in managing their business.


PAG as RIA. Whether you are a hybrid advisor with brokerage business or a fee-only advisor, this service offering is core to our network of advisors. PAG delivers white glove support for your compliance and supervision needs, a highly attractive economic package, coupled with the community and peer to peer sharing that is so meaningful to independent advisors. We have used our scale in the industry to negotiate discounted rates to many of the top software providers and leading industry consultants to help you grow your practice or run it more efficiently.

Recognizing that many independent advisor practices want to leverage some, but not all, of an integrated technology stack, we have built the ability for certain independent advisory practices to take advantage of some of the integrated technology solutions we have curated. This could be an advisor selected basket of technology that includes one or more of the core technology solutions PAG has chosen; which includes CRM, data aggregation and performance reporting, financial planning software, cybersecurity protection, risk profiling, and automated marketing delivery.


PAG as RIA. Regardless of your business mix, if you are an advisor who yearns to off-load some, or all, of the technology maintenance to help you run your business more efficiently, PAG can deliver an integrated offering, coupled with the support and training you need to keep your business running efficiently and safely. In this model, PAG will deliver these solutions to you à la carte at significantly discounted rates we have negotiated on your behalf. Your practice will benefit from our size and scale.

This solution is designed for the advisory practice that wants to focus their attention on their existing clients and to grow their practice in a truly independent manner. PAG has done the due diligence on preeminent solutions in the industry and has packaged them in a fully integrated way. We have taken on the burden of delivering a fully customized on-boarding package that includes assistance with locating and securing office space, office set up, branding and collateral asset creation, IT support, cybersecurity protection and much more. This level of collaboration goes beyond the ordinary — releasing the weight of researching the myriad of technology applications, custodial options, branding possibilities, investment preferences, and more — and implementing them so your team can stay focused on the business.


PAG as RIA. Regardless of business mix or custodian, this service offering is reserved for the high-end advisory teams that desire the elite and robust packaging of technology, service, support and supervision that is enjoyed in this fully supported solution.

There may come a time in a practice where the owners are ready to launch their own RIA. PAG has built in the ability to swiftly and painlessly help an existing firm establish their own RIA and continue to leverage our business operations.


PAG as Outsourced Back Office: In this model, PAG will continue to support the integrated technology package and compliance functions for the firm as a third party solution. This solution was designed for teams that have the ultimate goal of owning their own RIA.