At Private Advisor Group, we aim to provide three key elements to ensure our advisors are successful.

Confidence. Community. Control.


When working with Private Advisor Group, you can feel confident your business is being reviewed and monitored with relentless due diligence. We are vigilant in our approach to ensuring we are ahead of the latest regulatory and compliance changes. Our deep bench strength of full-time Series 24 licensed staff, coupled with a full-time attorney, gives you the comfort of knowing we have your back. This service is part of the Private Advisor Group value proposition, with no extra or hidden fees. It’s what we do.


When you join Private Advisor Group, you join a family. Our group of like-minded advisors enjoy the benefit of one-on-one conversations and relationships with highly talented staff who know their businesses intimately. We have the combined knowledge of working with over 600 other independent advisors and can take their experiences and best practices and impart them to you to help with your business. From our conferences and events to our social functions, Private Advisor Group thrives on building a group whose members can rely and depend on one another and on us. The home office team at Private Advisor Group acts as your ambassador, your voice and your support within the broker-dealer and the industry. Come to Private Advisor Group and you will immediately feel the difference.


Private Advisor Group understands you became an independent financial advisor to have control over your own destiny. That means the freedom to set up your practice in the way that makes sense for you and your clients. We have options and solutions when it comes to running your business, including the opportunity for you to be your own Registered Investment Advisor if you desire. Our succession planning program is designed to help you determine the best scenario for your retirement and work toward making it a reality.