Tools & Services For Advisors

With PAG, you have access to some of the best tools and services for advisors on the market. We’ve conducted the due diligence on all of them and selected them as best-in-class. We’ll work with you to determine which are best suited to support your needs.

Developed by EMX+, one of the top financial planning software companies in the industry, eMoney enables you to easily manage client situations and financial planning needs in real time. It is integrated with all the custodial systems available through PAG.

The preeminent CRM system for financial advisors, award-winning Redtail integrates with all other software solutions selected for PAG. Its straightforward workflows are easy to use and help streamline your operations.

This award-winning technology uses proprietary algorithms to accurately assess the risk levels of your clients’ portfolios and enables you to clearly and easily demonstrate changes required to bring risk levels in alignment with clients’ risk tolerance.

View data and create reports from multiple custodians with the premier portfolio accounting service developed by Orion Advisor Services—indispensable for serving high net worth clients.

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