You’re invited to grow with us

The Private Advisor Group story, told by our CEO, and an invitation to you.

Our Story

Over a decade has passed since Pat Sullivan and John Hyland, two successful independent financial advisors, developed a breakthrough compliance system that would allow other advisors – just like them – to navigate our complex regulatory environment with ease, freeing them to spend more time with their clients. It was an achievement that underscored a period of significant growth for our company. Hundreds of independent advisors, eager to provide better experiences and value to their clients, have joined us over the years.

Today, our patent-pending system is used by more than 650 advisors nationwide, enabling them to easily address regulatory changes and support their growing businesses – all while keeping them focused on delivering thoughtful financial advice and service at a fair cost to clients.

To support our growing base, we continually reinvest in our business, increasing our capabilities and adding greater efficiencies. We’re also expanding our technology and service offerings to advisors, giving them value-added access to more operational technologies, custodial options, and authoritative growth programs that will keep their businesses efficient, effective, and compliant in an ever-changing world.

We share our advisors’ entrepreneurial mindsets and innovative spirit, and we are always looking for – and delivering – new ways to support their visions for growth and success. To accomplish this, we hire, inspire, and retain some of the highest performing, highly engaged team members in the financial advice profession.

An Invitation

At Private Advisor Group, we want to work with like-minded advisors who are client-focused, who bring great value through service excellence, and who share our commitment to playing by the rules. We also believe in the success of investors, helping them create and execute a plan of financial success.

Whether you’re an individual investor or independent financial advisor, we are dedicated to helping you grow and achieve your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

We look forward to talking with you.

Grow with us.

R.J. Moore

R.J. Moore
Chief Executive Officer
Private Advisor Group

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You’re Invited To Grow With Us

Grow with us.