Mastering Marketing For Your Business

By Serena Bowen, Digital Marketing Manager

Planning season is in full force, and Private Advisor Group is thrilled to have unveiled an exclusive marketing strategy guide crafted for financial advisors to ignite marketing within their practices. Think of this guide as a go-to playbook —a roadmap designed to elevate financial practices and their teams to new heights. Let’s delve into the core elements and some creative tactics to make your marketing strategy not just effective but exceptional.

Planning Basics:

  1. Conduct a S.W.OT.
    Uncover your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to chart a course that maximizes your strengths and mitigates potential challenges.
  2. Define Your Value Proposition
    Craft an elevator pitch that resonates. Clearly articulate what you offer and precisely who benefits from your exclusive offering.
  3. Establish/Refine Your Target Audience
    Revitalize client personas and tailor your strategy to address their financial needs and aspirations. It’s about connecting with them on a deeper level. We would add here that segmentation of your audience matched with a CRM clean-up is a beautiful thing.
  4. Key Messages
    Identify the core messages that will resonate with your future clients. Make them memorable and impactful. Ensure you have message continuity across your various marketing mediums.
  5. Define Your Objectives
    Set clear objectives that align with your business goals. Make them ambitious, yet achievable.
  6. Select Tactics, Budget & Assign Leads
    Assign agencies, rally your team leads, and define the execution plan. It’s time to turn plans into actions. Detail your spend to track return on investment and make future planning come easier!
  7. Measure, Refine & Repeat
    Adopt a mindset of continuous improvement. Regularly measure your efforts, refine strategies, and repeat or adjust the cycle for sustained success. Your plan may be a monthly sprint, or a 6-month campaign in market —establish a cadence that allows enough time in the market for impact measurement while maintaining agility.

Creative Tactics:

Serving independent advisors means we see independent marketing plans and we think that’s a beautiful thing. Here are a few creative tactics we’ve observed within our advisor community you might consider as you build out your plan.

  1. Site, Search and Social
    With financial advisors, site search and social are critical parts of your digital footprint that simply cannot be overlooked. Most of our community has a relationship with a marketing provider like FMG or Snappy Kraken and a quick review of your annual subscription to ensure you maximize your relationship is always timely when planning. It’s worth noting we offer prearranged discounts with trusted providers in our profession to our community.
  2. Google Business Profile
    Create a Google Business Profile if you haven’t already—it’s a must-have. Consider accepting reviews to set your firm apart and enhance discoverability.
  3. Listening
    Invest in listening tools – formal surveys, methods for observing data trends, and find tools to help you be intentional about documenting and discussing results.
  4. Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste & Touch
    Engage all senses to set yourself apart in this digitally driven world. How do your clients feel after interacting on your site, after calling your office, after meeting in person both planned and out in your community.
  5. Get Involved
    Almost all our community has some sort of civic or nonprofit involvement and when you’re trying to set yourself
    apart and make connections in your community, this is a smart and rewarding tactic.
  6. Keep Trying
    Don’t shy away from giving a tactic a second chance. For example, QR Codes have surged in popularity since COVID. If you’ve tried them before without luck, it might be worth a second go. Use them creatively and strategically.
  7. Reuse & Recycle Content
    Finally, repurpose your content creatively across all channels to cater to diverse ways people consume information. Make your content easily accessible and discoverable

Planning is Worth It:

A recent Broadridge benchmark study found that, year over year, advisors with a defined marketing strategy reported greater return on investment and satisfaction with their marketing results. The juice is worth the squeeze when it comes to defining your marketing strategy.

The full planning guide and vendor discounts are exclusive to Private Advisor Group’s community of advisors. If you’re a financial advisor and interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Happy planning!

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