Insights for Financial Advisors: 2021’s Most Popular

By Melissa Woods, Marketing Associate

Part of being a successful financial advisor is continuing to devote yourself to improvement. You want to achieve better results for your clients, help your employees achieve their career aspirations, and in general, help your financial firm become all that it can. There are so many avenues to focus on, including marketing, personal development, strategy and even formal continuing education, that it can be challenging to know how to spend your limited time.

We covered a myriad of industry-related topics and more granular issues to navigate within your practice. In return, you’ve shared great feedback on how the guidance from our subject matter experts has been helpful to you. To ensure you have access to the top insights, we’ve compiled a list of our top five most popular insights from 2021.


Cybersecurity has been identified as one of the biggest threats for the financial service industry, and in a world where we all spend our days logged in to some type of electronic device, it’s critical to recognize and educate ourselves on the unseen cybersecurity battlefield. It usually only takes a few clicks to put yourself and your organization in a position that could cost a pretty penny. Phil Coniglio, Private Advisor Group’s Chief Information and Security Officer, lays out things to look for and how you can best protect yourself and your organization from attacks.


With the freedom of more flexible working situations over the past two years, a question of “what’s next?” has surfaced within the advisor community. For many, the next step is looking into going independent and what all that entails. Verne Marble, Private Advisor Group’s Director of Business Development, dives into some of the essential points to think about when navigating your path to independence.


In an unprecedented time when many are still working from home, or toggling between remote and in-office work setups, Private Advisor Group’s Anne Mortera, Director of Advisor Growth & Engagement, shares some things to consider when both returning to the office, and returning to in-person meetings with clients. Plus, she offers some unique ways to team build from a virtual setting, and maintain a balance of self-care.


Much like it’s recommended that you see a doctor or dentist for an annual visit or checkup, the same goes for your financial practice. Private Advisor Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Perhacs, dives into the importance of an annual financial checkup and a plethora of helpful tips and resources to head into each year feeling good about the health of your practice.


Crafting a sales journey can sound like a daunting task, but if you are serious about your firm’s opportunities, a structured approach is essential. While many advisors know they need a plan, few take the time to develop one or carry out the execution. A structure for your sales cycle doesn’t need to be overly complex, but it can help draw focus into the kinds of leads you’re fostering and drive efficiency and, ultimately, profitability for your organization. Verne Marble, Private Advisor Group’s Director of Business Development, lays out the essentials for your sales journey.

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