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PAG Advisor Communication, June 3, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we write this message. Like many of you, we are stunned and saddened by what has transpired this week, while at the same time attempting to identify how we can make an impact for change. We immediately thought of George Floyd’s family and the unbearable pain and grief they must be feeling while trying to also honor his memory in light of the unrest occurring in his name. To the Floyd family, we offer our condolences and continued commitment to trying to see the world through his eyes, your eyes, and your family’s eyes. We will never truly know your experience, or injustices, or fears, but we will each take a stand in our own way, striving to keep the memory of your loved one alive in our quest to fuel progress.

As a team, we have made the commitment to continue the dialogue and pray for guidance to identify what we can do to encourage a better world, industry, and workplace where race and differences are celebrated and embraced. For now, we pray alongside those whose faith tells us that through the pain, we will all emerge stronger and better than before, together.

John Pat
John Hyland
Managing Director
Private Advisor Group
Pat Sullivan
Managing Director
Private Advisor Group
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