Top Ten

Top 10 Questions Advisors Should Ask When Exploring Independence

Ready to Step into the RIA World?

See the Top 10 Questions Advisors Typically Ask.

  1. Can you help me understand the different affiliation models that exist in the RIA space, and discuss which one(s) may be suitable for me?
  2. What do I do with my brokerage, or commission based, business?
  3. How do I plan for a transition?
  4. Can I brand and market the way that I want to?
  5. What are my technology stack options?
  6. What will my economics look like?
  7. What custodian options will I have?
  8. How will my compliance experience change?
  9. How can I use my transition to independence as a growth driver?
  10. What type of advisor community will I be joining?

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