Alignment & Equity Program

Aligning our interests with those of our advisors is a cornerstone of what we do. Private Advisor Group offers the Alignment & Equity program to provide an exclusive opportunity for our advisors to invest in our collective success through participation in a jointly owned Growth Partnership entity.

How It Works

Growth Partnership Structure

  • The Growth Partnership entity is collectively owned by Private Advisor Group, Merchant Wealth Partners, and participating advisors

  • The entity acquires non-controlling minority stakes in advisors’ businesses with advisors retaining full operational control

  • Advisors receive cash proceeds for the revenue stake sale, equity interest in the entity, and tagalong rights for any future monetization events

  • There is no conversion or business disruption to participate in the Growth Partnership entity

Contribution Breakdown

Initial Contribution (10-20%)

Based on a pre-determined multiple, advisors receive a combination of cash proceeds and partnership units / equity.

Optional Second Contribution (up to 40%)

Second contribution of revenue during a monetization event will be purchased at a percentage of the expanded RIA multiple

Advisor Retained Ongoing Value

Practice value remains after all contributions and advisor retains full operational control of the business

Short-term Value

Unlock immediate cash value with the initial contribution, and start financing priority business needs such as continuity planning, hiring, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Long-term Value

Invest in our community’s collective growth and realize tag-along rights for future monetization events at expanded multiples to finance your long-term business goals.


  • Participate in the program voluntarily

  • Maintain independence and operational control of your practice

  • Experience no conversion or business disruption

  • Access the ability to realize expanded monetization opportunities through tag-along rights to enhanced valuation multiples

  • Unlock a more predictable path to accessing practice value

  • Retain ongoing cash flow and equity value in your practice

  • Create a succession path for your eventual exit from the profession

Connect With Us

If you are new to our community, our Business Development team is here to help. If you are already affiliated, then contact your Growth Engagement Director.


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