Your advice is valuable. And so is your time. How do you maximize your time to build client relationships, demonstrate the value of your advice, and manage your clients’ accounts while running your practice successfully and scaling your business for growth?

Investment Management Has Never Tasted So Suite.

WealthSuite is a digital investment management platform designed for financial advisors seeking additional capabilities, flexibility, and efficiency in portfolio management. WealthSuite offers a seamless technology experience to address many account and portfolio management functions.

  • Account opening
  • Account maintenance
  • Custodian selection
  • Rebalancing
  • Reporting
  • Trading
  • Custom proposals
  • Model selection
  • eSignature


The WealthSuite Difference



WealthSuite is only available to investment advisor representatives of Private Advisor Group.

Competitively Priced

The platform fee is based on total assets on the platform, irrespective of account size.


WealthSuite supports two major custodians with additional ones to follow.


WealthSuite offers exclusive custom models from experienced strategists available nowhere else.


Integrated technology and service structures make it easy to manage accounts, process trades, and generate reports for your clients.


WealthSuite has strategies to address a wide range of investment objectives and investor risk tolerance levels.


Key Features


Core Models

Centrally manage your clients’ investment portfolios with WealthSuite’s Core Models. Leverage strategist models to manage asset allocation, make individual securities decisions, and maintain client portfolios.

Custom Indexing

Customize portfolios and generate additional tax benefits for your clients with WealthSuite’s Custom Indexing capabilities. Custom indexing allows you to offer portfolio customization, tax management, and preference-based strategies like ESG investing for accounts of all sizes.


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