What can On-Site Training do for your Independent Advisory Firm?

What can On-Site Training do for your Independent Advisory Firm?

LPL On-Site Training Is Not Just for Financial Advisors

By: Karen Hayes, Marketing Associate
Published July 11, 2018

How would additional training for your advisors, administrative, or operations professionals make a difference in your financial firm? What do you wish you just knew more about, or what would you ask if you had a team standing ready to answer all your questions?

This is exactly what our recent on-site training events accomplished. Held in two locations, one at the Vanguard Campus in Malvern, PA and the other at the Goldman Sachs building in New York City, this on-site training gave both advisors and support staff the opportunity to get hands-on guidance from dedicated specialists at LPL and our team from Private Advisor Group.

Managing Client Information and Efficiency

In a world of continually changing technology, it can be difficult to keep up. Managing client details are a part of everyone’s job in an independent financial practice, from administrative professionals to the advisors themselves. If not done systematically, your valuable time can be wasted. While educational phone calls and webinars are helpful, sometimes you can accomplish even more with classroom-style training to put into practice everything you’re learning in real time.

At these hands-on events, we had two training specialists from LPL Financial leading the coursework for the new technology enhancements. Betsy Coon, Senior Program Manager, Learning and Development; and Brooke McIntyre, Consultant, Advisor Learning and Development, shared valuable information, taking the time to walk through the capabilities and opportunities available in LPL Financial’ s ClientWorks platform. They certainly succeeded in their goal of providing the best learning experience possible. With an action-packed schedule, the day kicked off with some PAG-specific updates before jumping right into the training. All before lunch we covered basic navigation, quick views, processing account transfers, and even walked through opening a new account step-by-step.

One of the hottest topics of the afternoon was client reporting. ClientWorks provides users the opportunity to create highly customized reports giving clients the data most important to them. Need to share a report with a colleague? That’s possible too.

The training portion of the day concluded with a roundtable discussion, with attendees sharing their unique challenges and strategies for improving efficiency. Dinner, hosted by Lincoln Financial, provided a relaxing end to the evening.

What Attendees Had to Say: Is Training Worth it?

Overall, it seemed as though every individual walked away feeling more confident in their skills with ClientWorks. Val Simson, an advisor at Badger Financial Group in Madison, NJ, mentioned how wonderful it was to have a two-way dialogue with the LPL specialists. They were able to share comments, criticisms, and even experiences. Ron Fisher, an advisor with Fisher Financial Services, said that although there are a lot of training resources online, it is an advantage to have professionals in the same room to share ideas and best practices. The dedicated agenda in a classroom setting facilitated retention. Being the robust platform that it is, ClientWorks can be quite involved. The classroom setting was ideal for training team members with varying levels of proficiency. Ron also utilized this day out of the office as a team-building opportunity, including his entire staff.

While financial advisors often do most of the face-to-face client interaction, it’s the administrative and operations individuals who are tasked with managing client information on a regular basis. Brian Carter, a Branch Marketing Associate for Flynn Financial Partners, Ltd., attended the on-site training with his entire office as well. He said one of the most important parts of training was recognizing that while everyone experiences different headaches when it comes to specific jobs, we’re all working towards the same goal with the same systems. The training gave attendees a platform to not only share experiences but also ask questions and build community. Joseph Stempert, Operations Manager at Integrity Wealth Partners, enjoyed how applicable the content was; there was something for everybody. The hands-on aspect was also valuable; he pointed out the importance of learning these skills, stating that custom reports can be a piece of the service puzzle potentially differentiating an entire office.

Missed an on-site training opportunity? That isn’t where it ends! PAG is committed to continuing to educate our advisors and staff members and bring them together in ways that not only educate but also create a tighter community. Will there be more on-site training days in the future? You bet. To find out more about how PAG is helping offices run more efficiently, please visit www.privateadvisorgroup.com.