PAG Attendees Provide Best Takeaways from the LPL Financial Focus Conference

PAG Attendees Provide Best Takeaways from the LPL Financial Focus Conference

PAG Advisors Provide Best Takeaways from the LPL Financial Focus Conference

By: Karen Hayes, Marketing Associate
Published September 16, 2019

The LPL Financial 30th Annual Focus Conference theme, “It’s All About You,” was a success in the eyes of PAG advisors that attended this year.

PAG advisors were a portion of the 4,000 advisors in attendance. The agenda was dedicated to growth and networking, including the focus on educational content, along with encouragement, and the opportunity to address challenges advisors face in their advisory practice.

In this article we will highlight a couple of PAG attendees expressing their best takeaways from Focus, and an LPL representative will elaborate on the agenda, LPL updates, and the desire for feedback.

Terri Krueger, Senior Financial Advisor at Krueger Financial Advisors. Terri particularly enjoyed the Focus on Women’s Advisory Forum where women from all over the country gathered to share ideas, network, and build relationships with each other. She says it was “a fantastic feeling to meet like­ minded successful women in the industry.” Broadway star and bestselling author Sandra Joseph shared life lessons from her book Unmasking What Matters. An engaging speaker, she encouraged female advisors not to “hide in the shadow of your fear. Take off your mask and be your authentic self.” The highlight of this evening? Sandra concluded the session by singing three selections from Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera.

Other sessions Terri attended included a lively presentation with ten rules for success given by Jesse Itzler. Be sure to look him up on YouTube if you need a burst of energy to take on any challenge. Terri also had the opportunity to personally meet renowned journalist Katie Couric and gain imparted wisdom from retired US Navy Admiral William McRaven. He gave this advice: “Making your bed correctly demonstrates you take the little things seriously. If you can’t take the little things seriously, how can people trust you with the big things?”

Terri, also enjoyed the face-to-face interaction with vendors and LPL team members, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and receive assistance in real-time. All in all, Terri said she returned motivated, energized, and ready to implement new ideas with her team.

Amara Hittinger, Client Services Associate with Bleakley Financial Group, says her favorite takeaways from the conference were all the advancements in technology. She learned about how to gain efficiencies in sessions on updates in ClientWorks and RedTail. In particular, Amara pointed out the significantly streamlined account opening process. With 30% fewer form fields to open an account, this update represents thousands of hours saved for advisors. To break it down, there are 3,500 new accounts opened daily, and each takes an average of nine minutes. This new process will be 60% faster, taking only four minutes to open a new account, saving 4.4 million minutes across LPL Financial this year!

She says, “Asset managers have become a commodity, and advisors need to discover their value to clients in almost everything except picking investments.” This led to the RedTail session she attended in which a new way to think about client classifications was presented. Rather than A, B, C or D classifications for seminars, emails, or marketing, why not use AAA, AA, and A? In this situation, when a client sees their letter grade, they will feel a bit more important if they see the letter A. She says, in closing, “This truly is a team-oriented industry, and I hope you get to know your clients, coworkers, RIA team, marketing team 360 team, on a personal level because your team is really what makes or breaks you.”

Michelle Regan, AVP, Advisor Programs & Events, from LPL Financial shared what is new at LPL.

This was also the first year for LPL Live – an additional opportunity to hear from subject matter experts outside the general sessions. This addition functioned as a live news broadcast right in the middle of the expo floor. Our attendees enjoyed this creative way to gain wall-to-wall coverage and in-depth commentary from experts at the conference.

Throughout the conference, LPL continually demonstrated the value of advisor feedback. From the session design to updates within the organization, it is clear this team is dedicated to finding new solutions to problems advisors face. Their recently-launched continuous improvement team is driven to deliver an industry­ leading service experience you can’t find anywhere else in the wealth management space – one that is fast, accurate, consistent, and personalized.

Michelle also addresses the concerns that advisors are feeling:

  • Making sure you’re doing the best for your clients: Information overload
  • Managing the increasing complexities of running a business
  • Struggling with the utilization of technology to increase efficiency

There are hundreds of conferences available for financial advisors to attend throughout the year. It can be a tough choice to decide which events to attend as they can be take away from time dedicated to client service. These PAG advisors thought LPL Focus Conference was worth the time and effort to attend.

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